Freelance Portfolio - Professional Portfolio

The following is my portfolio of freelance work.

VanDelay Sports - MAC sports

Web - B2C - VanDelay Sports is a Web site dedicated to Mid-American Conference football and basketball news and updates. After meeting with the owner of the site I planned out an entire Web strategy for the site with 6 phases. A complete redesign of the site and adding ads to the site were two of the biggest changes and is now paying for itself for the first time since it was launched in the late 1990's.

Get your fill of MAC football & basketball at


Big 12 sports fans

Web - B2C - is an idea that came up in email conversation with Michael, a University of Oklahoma student, who I met on the Internet while talking sports. He wanted to make a Big XII Conference sports fan site and he liked my work with the site so we teamed up with two others and created I designed the logos and non-advertising graphics for the entire site, implemented the Javascript ad code, the PHP bulletin board code and added the Team Fan Shop graphics. I now manage and oversee the entire site with the help of Michael and make ocassional updates when needed. We launched the site in mid-October of 2005 and have experienced tremedous growth thanks to our Google and Yahoo/Overture Marketing efforts and strong Search Engine rankings considering the site is brand new. is the place for Big 12 football, basketball & baseball fans.


Pymatuning Valley Local Schools

Web - B2C - Pymatuning Valley Local Schools

The Pymatuning Valley School District is located in Andover, Ohio, which is in the Northeast corner of the state of Ohio. I began work on this site in the spring of 2004 and continue to make updates as they are requested of me.

For this site I knew that I was going to be dealing with a lot of content and text so I made sure to have a Homepage where announcements and information could be accessed immediately. After meeting with the Superintendent of Schools in Pymatuning Valley I planned the flow and navigation for the site and began work on the data entry. As the site has progressed I now work with several different staff contacts inside the school who provide me with information to post on the site and I take ocassional photos for the site as well. is where you can find the Pymatuning Valley Local Schools Web site.


Ohio University Green & White Club

Web - B2C - Ohio University Green & White Club

The Ohio Green & White Club is the Ohio University Athletics Department's largest booster organization and one of the most active social organizations in the Southeast Ohio area. The Green & White Club sponsors tailgating events, luncheons, banquets and much more for Ohio football, basketball and other Olympic Sports events.

For this site I subcontracted the design after working with the client after planning the flow and navigation for the site. After the initial design was completed, I have had complete control of the rest of the project including all monthly updates. is the place for supporters of the Ohio University Bobcats.


Nelsonville Chamber of Commerce

Web - B2C - Nelsonville Chamber of Commerce

The Nelsonville Chamber of Commerce was shopping around for a Web design company in 2004 while I was working in Nelsonville and working at ROCKY, so I put in a bid and they contracted me out to create a Web site. A simple, easy-to-use Web site was the goal of the project as they gather information for me over a period of several months. The use of their fountain graphic as a logo was requested and I was able to turn it into a header using the same font that they have branded their name on their newsletters, etc.

The Nelsonville Chamber of Commerce can be found at


Web - Ohio University Marching 110

I was in charge of the Marching 110's Web site from April of 1998 through the beginning of 2004. For most of that time it was updated daily and the number of daily unique visitors had increased by over 300% from 1998 to 1999. The site peaked as the 4th ranked directory on the Ohio University server in October 2001. The Marching 110 Web site contains possibly the most content of any college marching band Web site in the nation. It includes a image library of over 250 pictures dating back to 1923, extensive information about the band and it's history and several digital video clips of the Marching 110 in action.

I had total control over the design of this Web site and it's content the entire time I managed the site. Visit the Ohio University Marching 110 at



Print - Marching 110 Annual Program

This annual publication by the Ohio University Marching 110 is produced as the program for the annual Varsity Night concert. It has a four-color front and back and was expanded to 28 pages from 20 pages the previous year. All copies were sold out at two performances by the band in November 2001. I organized the entire project, gathered most of the information and content myself, and I was one of two who designed and put the program together. I also took some of the photographs used in the program and wrote copy for this project.


Print - Marching 110 CD Cover/Insert

The Ohio University Marching 110 records and releases a new CD every two years, and for the 2001 CD I was fortunate enough to be part of the design and layout team that put it together. While the majority of the design was completed by Luke Potter, I had input in some of his decisions and I came up with the name of the CD. I also plugged all of the text information in the QuarkXPress files which we prepared for the printer. This CD was made available to the public by early 2002.


Print - Marching 110 Annual Poster

This annual poster for the Ohio University Marching 110 is produced to advertise the annual Varsity Night concert. Copies were hung across the campus of Ohio University and available for sale in November 2001.

This design was based off of two previous Varsity Night posters, and I was one of two who were involved in designing it and taking care of all of the details with the printer.




Web - Funded by Kappa Kappa Psi, the National Honorary Band Fraternity that serves the Marching 110, is a site set up to create links to the Ohio University Marching 110 and the OUMB Society of Alumni & Friends Web sites.

I had total control over the design of this one-page Web site while it was live in 2000-2003.